POEM: Those Days

CEB-HK (October 25, 2016)

I wiped the last tear that fell from my eye tonight,
I really hate to decide but I knew what I did was right-
Love is so complicated that it needs to break your heart,
For you to realize that it’s time you both need to be apart.

I remember the exact day when our eyes first made contact,
I didn’t understand why it brought a very big impact-
And then you beamed at me your white pearls through a smile,
And so then I smiled back but it really took me a while.

I remember the exact day when you first laid your hands on mine,
It was that moment on the ride that we were standing, waiting in line-
It was a bit awkward for we just met that night,
But sometimes an accident can make people realize what might.

I remember the exact day when you first called my name,
I was ashamed at first for I find it very lame-
But the way you said it, is like a music pleasant to the ear,
It’s like I don’t want anything else, just your voice for me to hear.

I remember the exact day when we first went out together,
I admit it was fun and a day full of pure laughter-
Then I asked myself, why am I smiling so wide?
Is it because we had fun or is it because you gave me a ride?

I remember the exact day when we had our first phone call,
We talked about random things, even your obsession towards basketball-
I was your cheerleader and you were my most valuable player,
Whatever may happen, you know you’re always gonna be my winner.

I remember the exact day when you first gave me a surprise,
I thought it was corny at first, but you were actually really nice-
Everytime you surprise me, it makes me smile very wide,
Then I realize I’m blushing and I’m dying on the inside.

I remember the exact day when you first stepped at the house,
You were even shy at first but you had a lot of ‘wows’-
It’s just a simple home but you call it as a castle,
You said your queen lives there, and I don’t even need to hustle.

I remember the exact day when you first told me you love me,
That you couldn’t control your feelings and you just let it be-
I was falling for you too and you know what I meant,
That you were the answer I asked for that God sent.

I remember the exact day when we had our first kiss,
It was really very memorable and the one that I really miss-
The way you stared at me made my heart skipped a beat,
And there were butterflies in my stomach that I just couldn’t defeat.

I remember the exact day when we had our first argument,
Hatred and jealousy embraced us and we know what it meant-
I was already scared for I knew time will come,
That we need to end things up but I’m glad we overcome.

Days and months passed and we’re just so obsessed with each other,
That almost everyday we do things just to be together-
And there we made our first mistake for being too attached,
For I knew then that someday we’ll both get hurt too much.

Then the day came when things weren’t already okay,
That we really needed to talk to make each other stay-
It was very hard for us to handle problems that we both hate,
And we both realized it was just a matter of fate.

Sparks were still there as well as the butterflies,
But our patience for each other just slowly dies-
I guess every lovestory really has its ending time,
But the worst part of ours is that you were really never mine.

We believed in love too much that it made us very blind,
To even see things clearly that was slowly killing our mind-
We forgot about the thought that every first will have its last,
So here we are now, acting like strangers who didn’t have a past.

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