POEM: Invisible

Curled myself up,
And hugging my knee-
Thinking ’bout you,
And your smiles with glee.

Closed my eyes,
And took a deep breath-
Nothing can really stop me,
Not even inevitable death.

Your eyes are so captivating,
And they shine like stars above-
Your smile that’s so addicting,
Is the one that I most love.

I see you as a flower,
That needs my love and my shining sun-
I see you as my treasure,
And adore you more than anyone.

I see you as my other half,
And my only star in the night-
I fall in love everytime you laugh,
And your smile is my brightest light.

I see you as my everything,
And the missing piece of me-
But you see me as your nothing,
And you’re complete without me.

You never see my worth,
And you never loved my eyes-
You never see me as your earth,
That surrounds you with blue skies.

Instead, you see me as a cloud,
Only plain white floating above-
You only see me as a bird,
And not a beautiful dove.

You see me as the thorn,
To your beautifully green stem-
You see me as a storm,
And a rock, not a gem.

To you, I am invisible,
That no one sees and no one cares-
As for me, you are incredible,
And without you, I’m gasping for air.

I feel like I’m in the ocean,
Trying so hard not to drown-
And if I do, I need to fight,
Despite how deep, to survive.

It feels like I’m on a cliff,
And I’m trying not to fall-
Knowing you aren’t there,
To even catch me at all.

You are already perfect,
Even beyond than that-
While me, I am so wrecked,
And giving myself a pat.

So I choose to just leave you,
With only rainbows and butterflies-
And to not ever bother you,
With my thoughts and my lullabies.

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