POEM: Silence

Staring blankly,
At the sight of nowhere-
Thinking about you,
And my mind’s flying somewhere.

Embracing myself,
Because of the cold air-
Feeling the tickle,
Of these little shells.

When will you love me,
I really kept on wondering-
When will you ever see,
That coz of you my heart’s shattering?

Why can’t I reach you,
You seem so far away-
Why can’t I tell you,
To love me and stay?

Will there always be a boundary,
Between you and me-
When will time come,
That it’s me who you want to see?

I am tired of pretending,
Telling them I don’t like you-
When the truth is I’m hurting,
And there’s nothing I can do.

If only there’s a way,
For me to tell you how I feel-
I would really say,
That what I’m feeling for you is real.

You are a dream,
I want to come true-
The only hands I want to hold,
If only you just knew.

In my dreams, you like me too,
And in my dreams, you want to hold me-
And even if it’s just all fiction,
I’m already smiling with glee.

These things are impossible,
And are beyond my imagination-
But if ever given the chance,
I’ll love you more than your expectation.

You’re the guy I want to be with,
The guy I want to call mine-
The reason why I can’t breathe,
Coz boy, you’re oh so fine.

But how can I ever tell you,
To notice someone like me-
When my knees do even tremble,
When somewhere near it’s you I see.

As I open my eyes,
I can now clearly see-
That it’s really not possible,
For you to ever like me.

I choose to just love you in silence,
And to just let it all be-
Coz in silence nobody owns you,
Nobody owns you but me.

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