POEM: I’m Sorry

My lungs are out of oxygen,
My heart couldn’t contain the pain-
I’m crying all my tears out,
It’s like I’m making my own rain.

Seeing you be in a situation,
That I didn’t mean to put you-
Is like hell in my own world,
And there’s nothing I could do.

If only there’s a way to turn it all back,
So I could just hug you very tight-
I want to kiss you very long and deep,
And to never let you out of my sight.

If only I could turn back time,
To when we just hug and kiss each other-
I’d promise I’ll never leave you like that,
Even at drunken times and at sober.

If only I could turn back time,
To the day when we first met-
The day when I realized,
That you are worth every bet.

If only I can tell you,
How much I really miss you-
How much I wanted to hug you,
And how much I wanted to kiss you.

I’m breathing very heavily now,
For I can really feel the guilt-
That because of me, you’re in pain,
Because of the love we both built.

I didn’t mean to piss you off like that,
And I didn’t mean to hurt you-
These nonstop tears aren’t enough proof,
To show you how much I love you.

Now what can I do but just to cry,
Because I’m helpless and it’s all my fault-
I wanted to explore life as I said,
But life isn’t life without you in it.

Realizations came and hit me so hard,
That it’s you, my love, I can’t live without-
Or maybe I can but it won’t be the same,
For the love you have for me is seriously no doubt.

Now you’re in there helplessly lying,
In the place that I really most hate-
And it’s because of me you’re hurting,
And my sorry, my love, is just too late.

As I wipe these tears off my cheeks,
And slowly breathe normally-
I wish that you, my love, will be fine,
And deep in my heart, I’m really sorry.

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