POEM: You Matter

Blinding lights and noisy crowd,
Groups of people cheering so loud-
I looked at my left and tried my right,
And there you were, you captured my sight.

My body froze and my heart goes jumping,
I tried to smile while my knees were shaking-
I tried to scream but there’s no way I can,
For your brightest smile made my heart go frozen.

You looked at me which made my heart flipped,
You then smiled at me then at the chair I gripped-
Do you have an idea of how nervous I am,
That I had shaky hands while holding my cam?

I can feel my heart pounding,
And my lungs trying to breathe-
Because at the sight of you,
All my senses felt like dying.

What is it with you,
That I just cannot resist?
Is it your cute little eyes,
Or your cutie tiny lips?

As you went down the stairs,
With your red and black suit-
I forgot about the world,
And just thought of how you looked cute.

My jaw dropped on the ground,
And in a moment, everything paused-
With you standing in front of me,
Is all I ever wanted to see and focus.

Do you have an idea of how good you look,
That even I, cannot explain it well?
You are just something I badly want to have,
Even if it means I’d go to hell.

I tried to cheer you up,
When I saw you felt disappointed-
For a second, it made my world stop,
That I just wanna hug you and forget it.

I admit I was really bothered,
That I couldn’t take my eyes off of you-
It hurts to see you not smiling,
If only there’s something I could do.

Do you ever know the feeling,
Of craving something you can’t have?
When your mind knows what to say,
But your emotions tell you it’s not.

I just love the way you react,
To all the little things I do-
Every time we make eye contact,
My heart flips and my knees tremble, too.

I love the way you smile at me,
Even those shy ones and bright-
It’s just so satisfying to see,
That I consider it as my brightest light.

I just love the way I stare at you,
At a seemingly far distance-
Even if I think you don’t have a clue,
That I secretly smile for your existence.

I just love the way that you talk,
And how you put your hands in your pocket-
I feel like floating and I can’t walk,
And there’s no more denying it.

I love your eyes, your nose, your mouth,
And everything that completes you-
Even the things that I don’t know about,
Are the things I like and I love, too.

I love the fact that you are mysterious,
And a little bit of a snob-
It made me more interested and curious,
That studying you is my new favorite job.

It made me realize, why is love so complicated?
Why can’t I show it off and tell the world I mean it?
I am so sick of hiding that everything needs to be kept,
Am I ever not given the chance to prove you I want it?

I looked at you again and slowly closed my eyes,
I took a deep breath before I finally realized-
If me getting hurt means to prove you that you matter,
Then I’d love to see my heart go insanely shattered.

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