POEM: Fight

(Tokyo, JAP 2016)

Never be afraid to say no,
To the things you don’t want to do-
It might scare you to take the risk,
But it’s better than to get hurt, too.

Never be afraid to let go,
Of the things that are hurting you-
It may be a big stab on the heart,
But there’s always something new.

Never be afraid to fight,
For the all the things that give you smiles-
It’s better if you tried,
Than to regret it multiple times.

Never be afraid to speak up,
To whatever is in your mind-
Because a vocal confession is better,
Than looking for an answer that’s hard to find.

Never be afraid to cry,
When you can’t do it anymore-
It’s better to let it all out
Than to keep it with no proper cure.

Never be afraid to show,
All the things you think you can do-
It can help you boost your confidence,
And will make you feel better, too.

Never be afraid to take the risk,
And to accept what the world has to offer-
Because it’s better to keep it alive,
Than to hide yourself with a cover.

Never be afraid to love,
When your heart has been shattered before-
It’s a lesson for you to keep,
Because love is the heart’s core.

Never be afraid to try again,
After all the challenges and rejections-
It’s a challenge to let you know,
That life’s pleasures are from our failures.

Never be afraid to look back,
To all the things in the past-
Keep it steady, stay on track,
Keep the memories that will forever last.

So never be afraid my love,
For I am always with you-
That’s what my God said,
That helps me fight in everything I do.

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