POEM: If I Ever Love Again

If I ever love again,
I swear to the earth and skies-
I will let him touch the heaven,
And love the galaxy in his eyes.

I will be his right arm,
And take him anywhere-
In the cold, I’ll keep him warm,
And through the pain, I will be there.

I will love all his flaws,
Whenever he feels insecure-
I will touch and kiss his jaws,
And tell him to stop being so unsure.

I will wipe away his tears,
And hug him very tight-
I’ll kiss away his fears,
And in the dark, I’ll be his light.

I will cook for him,
Whenever he is sick-
And keep him entertained,
Until he falls asleep.

I will be his strength,
Whenever he is weak-
And be the answer,
To his nonstop weep.

I will take him to paradise,
Where there’s nothing but our love-
There’s no need to roll the dice,
For this guy for me is enough.

I will let him see the beauty,
Of the things that are wrecked and broken-
And let him love the things he pity,
And appreciate the things he’s been given.

I will assure him my time and all,
And give him what he deserves-
Everyday I will give him a call,
Even if sometimes, he gets on my nerves.

I will be with him through full and hungry,
And through all the pain and joy-
I will laugh with his jokes even if I’m angry,
And tell the world how I love this boy.

I will give him a reason to stand up,
When the world is trying to bring him down-
I will kiss him and tell him to never stop,
Because I’ll still be there even if he’ll drown.

I will let him laugh at times when he’s down,
And tickle him until he smiles again-
For my world will be shattered and it will frown,
When I look at him and what I see is pain.

I will assure him happiness,
And will give him everything-
Because my boy deserves the best,
And without him, I’ll be nothing.

I will give him memories,
That he can keep forever-
I will take care of him,
And hurting him I will never.

I can’t wait to meet him,
And I can’t wait to know when-
All of these things will happen,
If I’ll ever love again.

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