2nd of August

Why do people lie?

What is it with lying that most of the people are not scared of doing it?

Why do people find answers in lying?

I myself lie. I lie when I’m embarrassed to admit something. I lie when I get caught doing something. I lie to try to hide something.

Lying is both a choice and a decision. It has no boundaries nor limitations. It’s all up to you. But why do people lie because they just feel like it? It’s fcked up.

But it’s the truth.

Knowing that I am surrounded with people who use lies as a defense mechanism is not really surprising to me. But today was different. It was a lie I didn’t expect and a lie I already should’ve expected. It was a different lie for it wasn’t done through words but through actions. That lie made me believe something, something that almost killed the clueless me.

Is it my fault that I believe people so easily? Am I to blame that I put too much trust in a person? I need to get used to this, right? Because there’s more of it, I know. I’m sick of it but again, this world is a mystery. Nobody knows what going to happen next.

The world is huge and scary. But what’s running inside a person’s mind is even scarier.

You never know and you never will.

Because even though that person tells you what it is, you will never know if it’s the truth. It can be one of the many words he wanted to really tell you but cannot.

Now, try to reflect:

Was he lying to protect you or was he lying to fool you?
Was he lying to save you or to save himself?

You never know.
Trust no one.

Not even your own self because you, yourself can be the main reason why you lie.

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