3rd of August

There is really more of what this world has to offer.

According to our political science prof earlier, the world’s population has already doubled. And it cannot be stopped nor paused. And this only means one thing for me: Why would I settle for something less when the world can actually offer me more? Better?

Someone better.

I’ve been through a lot of tears and heartbreaks. But this couldn’t even compare to the many choices I still have in this world. Sure, it is nice to experience pain once in a while. To have your heart broken, to cry because of someone, to waste your time, to do nothing. When something bad leaves, something better comes along.

It’s nice to know that the world gives you a lot of options to choose from.

We never know what bright future you may have ahead of you. But remember, there would be no gain if there is no pain involved.

In other words, take risks.

Get your heart broken; then get over it. Allow yourself to go broke because you bought that plane ticket; then get over it. Stay up all night reading a novel even if you have major exams the next day; then get over it. Kiss someone and tell them you love them and if they reject you, cry; then get over it. Allow yourself to be in deep pain; then get over it.

Challenge yourself to do something different. Get out of your comfort zone and go travel the world because it’s yours. You own it.

There’s more of what this world can give you. In every rain, there is always a rainbow right after. Drop the fear and go out. Go have some fun. Go discover your options and find your purpose in life.

Do it before you run out of time. Do it before it’s too late.

Do it before you regret not ever doing it.

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